A good end to the working week.

My biggest pumpkin. It's like two baseballs.

My biggest pumpkin. It’s like two baseballs now.

Finally, a day that worked without any problems! Ok, we were only three people in a department that needs at least six people to work properly but anyway 🙂 We did get one extra after a while so things went smoothly since nothing broke down 🙂 So the work day were actually quite nice and it did help a lot that we in the painting department only work half day on Fridays 🙂



We're having a second wave with butterflies now but none of them wanted to show the beautiful side of their wings.

We’re having a second wave with butterflies now but none of them wanted to show the beautiful side of their wings.



I had to pay for three months on the old-fashioned telephone now when I stopped the subscription even though they knew I only had to pay for one month. They always do like that and then they send a giro so I can take out that extra money in the bank, minus their huge fee. I always get so angry when they do like that! But now days it turns out that I also can pay with that giro in any store! The fee in the store is much, much less than that what the bank takes so one would be an idiot not to do it and since I’m not an idiot I paid with it when I was in the grocery store on my way home today 🙂






Still, I think it is wrong that companies can do like that and I think it is even more wrong that banks can take any fee they like whenever they like to do so. But they can because here in Sweden we have what they call an oligopoly when it comes to banks. We have just a few huge banks so there’s no competition between them at all. They have more or less the same fees on everything, actually almost everything is just the same between them. They don’t have to start illegal cartels and discuss behind our backs, they just see what the other banks are doing and do te same themselves. Since there are no alternatives we’re stuck with them I’m afraid.



This and next photo, Himalayan balsam. A terrible weed that grows everywhere here. Beautiful though.

This and next photo, Himalayan balsam. A terrible weed that grows everywhere here. Beautiful though.



We had thunder here earlier but we managed to take a short walk before it started. We also met my neighbors who has been away on vacation while their bathroom was renovated. They rent the cottage from the castle and thought everything would be ok now when they came home, the renovation started more than two weeks ago so it really should be no problems. But to their big surprise it shows that they still have no toilet or shower! Well that have the hole in the ground where the toilet should be standing and as I said to them, just try to aim really good and there should be nor problems using it 🙂 🙂 🙂 I do feel sorry for them, it’s not easy living without a toilet. But I also said that they should see the opportunities in this, this could be the perfect time to start fertilizing their vegetable garden 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yes I could behave like that because I fed their cats while they were away 🙂






I now understand why I hear the Shrikes all day long in my garden, they nest in my care tree, the Rowan 🙂 For those of You that don’t know what a care tree is, it’s an old tradition going way back since the pagan days. A care tree is usually an Ash tree and sometimes a Rowan (further north in this country) and it is planted the day the house is built (or in many cases when a new owner comes along or if the old tree happens to die. The tree is planted for the spirits of ancestors or for a wight. The tree must after that never be harmed in any way or the ancestors spirits or the Wight will punish the person very hard. 


Passionfruit hybrid.

Passionfruit hybrid.

Clematis integrifolia.

Clematis integrifolia.

Rudbeckia something.

Rudbeckia something.


If there already grows an Ash tree on the property it most likely is the home of the Ash lady (or Ash wife), a nasty being that hates humans. But she does stay calm as long as one sacrifice water to the tree every spring. She will also punish or kill any person that harms the tree. But unlike the ancestors spirits or the Wight she dies when the tree does, the other can just move to another tree if they have to.


Illiana remota.

Illiana remota.

This bush actually grows in my neighbors garden but is forced towards mine by the hedge. It's now called Dasiphora fruticosa (used to be Potentilla fruticosa).

This bush actually grows in my neighbors garden but is forced towards mine by the hedge. It’s now called Dasiphora fruticosa (used to be Potentilla fruticosa).



It’s time for a pot of tea and something to eat. I had a short nap when the thunder passed but I feel it wouldn’t be wrong to have another short one 🙂 But with my luck I’ll most likely sleep all evening and wake up in the middle of the night not being able to fall asleep again 🙂


Nicotiana sylvestris.

Nicotiana sylvestris.


Maximilians sunflower.

Maximilians sunflower.

Where the old pond used to be.

Where the old pond used to be.


Have a great day!


2 responses

  1. Caryn

    Hi Christer,
    The Himalayan balsam looks like my jewelweed which is not surprising since they are both Impatiens. I didn’t get the connection when you mentioned that before.
    I didn’t realize they changed the name of potentilla. I don’t like it when they do that. Happens with bird species a lot and it gets confusing. Just when I’ve gotten all the different junco names in my head “They” decide that it’s all the same bird after all and the differences are just color phases. All that brain strain for nothing. 🙂

    Bathroom renovations are a pain when you only have the one bathroom. When I had the floors replaced in mine I went to visit friends in Texas for 4 days. I almost came home to a bathroom with new floors but nobody had reinstalled the toilet. My brother remembered that I would be getting in from the airport very late and would probably require it so he came and installed it before I arrived. Whew.

    Today is cool, dry and sunny with a slight breeze. Not much is happening here. The big event was the lawn guys mowing the grass. The dogs are both sleeping now having barked themselves silly while that was going on.

    Enjoy the tea and the rest of the day.

    August 8, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    • Hi Caryn!

      They are much alike but the Himalayan gets higher and is never yellow. It’s all from pure white to pink to the deepest red.

      It’s the dna testing that screws up everything 🙂 Suddenly nothing is the same any more 🙂

      You were lucky, I just laughed for myself when I saw that their toilet stood in the livingroom yesterday evening 🙂 🙂 They could ask me if they could use my toilet and shower too if they need to but so far they haven’t.

      It was a rather nice day, thet thunder was rather calm and not especially close either, I had the best of naps while it passed 🙂

      Have a great day!

      August 8, 2014 at 5:28 pm

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