I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t dig beneath my cottage.


I must have had a fantastic dream last night because I woke up and felt disappointed that it wasn’t real 🙂 I can’t remember what it was all about, I seldom do but it must have been fantastic 🙂 One night when I just have moved here I woke up laughing like crazy, I have no idea what that dream was about but I continued to laugh for a very long time 🙂 I wish I could remember what I was dreaming, especially when I wake up either laughing or feel disappointed to wake up 🙂 🙂





I did use quite a lot of the water in the barrels yesterday, especially the tomato plants needed water,this morning the barrels were full again so it must have been raining quite a lot during the night. This morning isn’t especially chilly but it feels like it is because of the high humidity. We went out early as usual and there’s this one place where we need to walk through a cow pasture to be able to continue on the road on the other side and go homewards again. The cows haven’t been there for a very long time so we have been able to pass without any problems, cows with calves will try to kill you if you bring dogs. We had passed through half of the pasture when I suddenly heard something strange.


There we stood, looking at each other.

There we stood, looking at each other.



Yes, cows were in the pasture today 🙂 They got more surprised than we did so I managed to get the dogs out of the pasture before they came any closer and with no dogs no danger to me 🙂 They just stood there watching me and I was lucky because there were no calves close so I didn’t have to jump out of the pasture in a hurry 🙂 I even managed to take a photo before I too left the pasture. Nothing else happened on our walk though. This is the time of summer when birds stop singing so I only heard two birds this morning. They are all now just raising their younglings and after that they’ll eat as much as they can and fly south again.




They say we’ll get sunshine later today, strong winds and not especially warm. It looks as if we should be happy if it reach 17C (62,6F) and if that keeps the flies calm I won’t complain. Normally those biting flies would start to die out now but this cool weather we’ve had have made everything late, I do hope their time soon will be over though. I wonder if this means the moose flies will be late as well, I hope they will be so late that they get hit withy frost as soon as they hatch 🙂


I didn't take any more photos this morning but I did take a few yesterday afternoon.

I didn’t take any more photos this morning but I did take a few yesterday afternoon.

We have at least three nesting couples of Shrikes here. I think this might be a chick from this year or thge female.

We have at least three nesting couples of Shrikes here. I think this might be a chick from this year or the female.


I planted some of my pink flowered dandelions in a flower bed some weeks ago and guess what happened? Yes my dogs ate them 🙂 🙂 🙂 I still have a few left though, I planted them in a big pot and so far they’ve been left alone by the dogs. I’m pretty sure a badger visits the garden during nights now, I can see tracks from them everywhere, they tend to walk the same way every time so they create paths rather quickly. One has dug very close to my cottage and that’s not a good thing. I’ve placed all kinds of things at that spot so if they come back those things will fall down on it and I hope it scares it from digging there again.



These two photos show the males from the neighboring couples.

These two photos show the males from the neighboring couples.


I do like badgers but it is not a good thing if they think that it would be a great place to have a set beneath my cottage. I really need to get one of those wild life cameras now, I wonder what other visitors I might have here. I don’t mind if the badger like to dig in other places though, it eats slugs and all kinds of things we don’t want in our gardens and they love to eat ground-dwelling wasp nests. I’ve found several wasp nests on the road this last week.



If this weed had had bigger flowers it most likely would have been a popular garden plant. The flowers are tiny though, perhaps a gardener should try and make them bigger?

If this weed had had bigger flowers it most likely would have been a popular garden plant. The flowers are tiny though, perhaps a gardener should try and make them bigger?

It is time for a pot of tea and after that a nap I think, I hope I’ll wake up to sunshine and less humidity 🙂

Have a great day!


10 responses

  1. Tänk att en del “små” triviala saker kan göra att en morgonprommis blir så spännande. Fast OK , en – eller ett par – kor är kanske inte så små precis! *fniss* 🙂
    Du har tur som inte kommer ihåg dina drömmar, även om dom är trevliga. Själv drömmer jag ofta mardrömmar och vaknar av att jag gråter eller är stel som en pinne av skräck. Och jag kommer minsann ihåg vad jag drömt!! :schock:
    Att ni fått så mycket regn? Här sitter vi och hoppas på regn varje dag nu, men vi blir bara lovade – det kommer inget. Inatt blev det “hela” 1 mm. Men det är tydligen väldigt lokalt för våra goda vänner som bor 3-4 mil härifrån dom fick 22 mm när vi fick 0 härom dagen. 😦
    Ovanpå det så är det faktiskt bevattningsförbud nu för kommunalt vatten, så det är tur att vi har en egen brunn. Så kommer det inget idag måste vi (alltså Rolle) vattna ute i parken innan dom små träder svimmar av. 😕

    July 20, 2015 at 8:51 am

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Nu är det i och för sig över hundra kor och att par tjurar, förutom kalvarna i den hagen 🙂 Det är en enorm hage som egentligen består av flera mindre, där man öppnar och stänger delar allt efter behov. Jag vaknar aldrig upp orolig så mardrömmar har jag inte, antagligen är de flesta trista och vardagliga men det skulle vara roligt att komma ihåg dem ändå.

      Det är skurvis regnet kommer här också, de har spått regn hela förra veckan mend et kom nästan inget alls, inatt hade de inte spått något regn här men det kom ändå 🙂 Nu behöver jag inte vattna idag i alla fall 🙂

      Jag har ju också eget vatten men vattnat ändå bara det jag absolut vill skall klara sig, om det andra gör det ändå är det bara till att gratulera det 🙂

      Ha det gott!

      July 20, 2015 at 9:28 am

  2. Caryn

    Hi Christer,
    I usually remember the dreams that are that impressive. Last night I had a dream that John Stewart and Stephen Colbert were trying to trick each other about something and John Stewart hid himself under the bathtub. My only thought was that Piki Dog likes to crawl under there a lot and I don’t routinely dust or sweep places that I can’t see. I woke up before I got to see John Stewart covered in dust kitties and wads of Piki Dog hair. And I laughed when I woke up and thought about that sight. 😀 😀

    The showy weed looks like one of the mint family. I was just trying to identify one that I found on my morning walk. Unsuccessfully. 😦
    Physostegia virginians or False Dragonhead might be a suitable substitute for whatever your weed is. It’s bigger and has showier flowers and is in the mint family but probably doesn’t have the nice patterning on the lip. It can be aggressive when it’s happy but in Sweden it will probably become very polite and die out after one summer. 🙂
    There is also Chelone glabra and Chelone obliqua, white and red turtleheads. I had C. glabra growing wild in the back swamp some years ago but they have disappeared. Eaten by deer, probably. Deer love them. Deer love most things it seems. 🙂

    Today is steamy and hot. Even early morning was an uncomfortable walk. Today will be an inside with the AC day.

    Enjoy the day.

    July 20, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    • Hi Caryn!

      I envy You! Too bad You didn’t get a chance to see John Stewart crawling out from there 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I already have that weed in my garden, it spreads like insane but it is easy to remove thankfully 🙂 I actually have the False Dragonhead in my garden, the white form and it does behave nicely here, it survives but never spreads. It spread like crazy in my old garden though 🙂 I also have one of the Turtleheads, which one I don’t know though and it too has problems surviving here. I had a low growing kind before and it rarely got a chance to flower before frost arrived here and eventually it died out. Now I have a very high one that I got last summer in the plant swapping day. It grows nicely but still no signs of buds. The deer never eat anything in my garden, I guess it pays to bribe them with food during the winter 🙂

      Quite nice here when the humidity sunk, it feels a bit chilly though but the kitchen door is open anyway 🙂

      Have a great day!

      July 20, 2015 at 3:43 pm

  3. Dianna

    Hi Christer! What an odd looking cow! I have never seen a cow with those kinds of markings before – all speckled. Its looks so neat! 🙂 We are having a lovely cool morning, we got down to 13 celcius last night but we have a mighty wind blowing from the north west. I can tell the days are getting shorter now, last night noticing that I could open my curtains earlier than usual to sit and watch TV. Our front room faces the west so we get the setting sun shining in, and usually the curtains are closed until the sun goes down enough that the trees can protect us. I hope I never come across a badger – I have heard they are very vicious and will attack a human. The barn picture with all the flowers tumbling about is great! It would look good if the moon was rising over it at dusk. I love pictures with barns and a full moon. Hope your nap went well and that the humidity has left! 🙂

    July 20, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    • Hi Dianna!

      Cows back in the days looked just like this one here in Scandinavia but were much smaller. They usually didn’t have any horns either. I remember seeing cows like that one a lot when I was a kid, now days they are nearly extinct but there are a few enthusiasts that still have them, thankfully 🙂

      The sun still doesn’t go down until 9:21 pm here (and it rise around 4:34 am) but I have big trees that are in the way long before that happens so no need to put up any drapes to cover the windows 🙂

      The European badger is a really nice animal, unless one shoves down a dog in their set 🙂 Lots of myths about them though, that they attack and won’t stop biting until it hear the bones crack 🙂 🙂 🙂 They usually run away like crazy if thgey see us. Sune was twelve weeks old when he jumped up on a badgers back and the only thing the badger wanted was to run away. Not so easy for the poor thing since Nova though it attacked Sune and tried to kill it 🙂 🙂 🙂 She was thankfully leashed and never reached it. So I don’t mind badgers in my garden as long as it doesn’t try to dig a set beneath my cottage 🙂 I have a friend that used to play with the badgers younglings while the badgers looked at them without interfering at all.I’ve heard the American one is a bit aggressive but You shouldn’t believe everything You hear about them 🙂

      I do like the moon but to be honest, I’m not sure if it is up during the day or night now, I haven’t been looing for it for a while now.

      The nap was nice and the humidity is now very low 🙂

      Have a great day!

      July 20, 2015 at 3:56 pm

  4. jaz

    i’m glad we don’t have badgers here. teddy killed an opossum this morning. i never heard anything. i walked out and there it was on the patio just outside the door. blood everywhere and a big proud smile on teddy’s face….yuck! i made my husband clean it up.

    July 20, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    • Hi Joyce!

      A badger would be a bit too much to chew even for Teddy I think. The European badger would just try to ryún away if it could. Cornered however it would be rather dangerous. The opossum always tries to play deads which probably was a bad thing if Teddy was around, it didn’t stand a chance the poor thing. I am glad Teddy wasn’t injured though!

      I too would have preferred if someone else would have cleaned up the mess 🙂 🙂

      have a great day!


      July 20, 2015 at 3:59 pm

  5. Hi Christer,
    We got hit with the heat and humidity. As the weatherman said it takes one heck of a heat wave for it to reach 90˚ on the cape. The worst, though, was the humidity. I. however, am happy in my air conditioning. My friend and I spoke and she has been staying in her bedroom in the air conditioning there but she is tired of being stuck in her room.

    I just went out with the dog, and it is still ugly outside.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen or even heard of badgers here. Actually I haven’t seen near as many animals as I usually do in the summer. Maybe there is a coyote in the area. They tend to eat the smaller animals.

    I hope the flies don’t get you!

    July 20, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    • Hi Kat!

      I’m thinking of turning on the radiators again, it’s cold and raining here now. I don’t want even close to 90 but it would be nice if we at least reached 68 🙂

      I do like badgers but I rarely see them since they mostly are nocturnal, So far it hasn’t dug here any more though so I’m hoping it just dug up some worms as a night snack 🙂

      Have a great day!

      July 21, 2015 at 11:56 am

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