I guess I should see me as lucky.

Sunny and warm here today.

Sunny and warm here today.

I looked down on the stairs this morning when I let the dogs out and it looked oddly spotted. I thought it might be birds that pooped all over it and didn’t think more of it. But it wasn’t bird poop, it was hail that had frozen to anything it had hit during the night, my car looked as if it had some kind of disease 🙂 It wasn’t especially cold outside though so I was surprised that it stayed for so long.


The willows will soon start to flower.

The willows will soon start to flower.


I didn't see tyat rainbow to the right when I took this photo :-)

I didn’t see tyat rainbow to the right when I took this photo 🙂


I had come two thirds of the way to work when I turned of the highway and in to the smaller road to work when the I heard an odd sound, sort of a pop. suddenly the signal for problems started to alarm in the car and the light showing the battery shone bright. I turned of the road, stopped the engine and started it again, just in case something would change but it didn’t. I started to drive again when I realised that it was very difficult to turn the steering wheel too.






I thought it was best to drive as far as I could and then call them at work for help and naturally I turned off anything that could use electricity. I had no problems, except for making turns, at all and came all the way to work and I called the nearest garage as soon as I came in. Thankfully They said I could drive down immediately but they didn’t think they would be able to fix the car already today, after all they can’t have spare parts for each and every kind of car. I guess I should see myself as lucky, this could have happened yesterday on the highway to the hospital.






So I drove to them and walked back to my job. Now I had to figure out how to get home after work today. I checked with the bus company and according to their calculations it would take one hour and thirty minutes to get to the castle by the lake and after that I would have to walk for minutes until I was home 🙂 Not an option if I wanted to work tomorrow again, I can imagine how my feet would feel after walking minutes in my work shoes 🙂  


I didn't take more photos today so the coming ones are older.

I didn’t take more photos today so the coming ones are older.




So I went to the factory owner and asked if I might borrow one of the company cars. They have one pickup truck, one van and one rather nice Volvo with automatic transmission. There was one more that needed to borrow a car so I thought I would get the van, not bad at all to be honest. But the other guy was nice and took the van so I could take the Volvo 🙂 I’m not used to drive without a stick so he had to explain some things to me 🙂 Cars don’t even have keys any longer 🙂 🙂 I would never had got that car to start if he hadn’t explained how I should do 🙂






Hopefully I’ll get my car tomorrow and I do miss it but it was nice to try the Volvo. It is time for something to eat and then I’ll read the latest Beetle Bailey 🙂

Have a great day!

I wouldn’t mind some chinese food.

Salmiak wasn't happy at all to see us :-)

Salmiak wasn’t happy at all to see us 🙂

Finally it’s here, Christmas vacation and I hope it will be much more calm than what the National Lampoon’s had 🙂 That is my absolute favorite christmas movie. I’m not much for those over sugary sweet with happy endings ones. We Europeans do love a tragic ending when everything seems to go the heroes way but suddenly change and ends with death and despair 🙂 I guess that the ultimate European christmas movie will have lots of people struggling to finally, after lots of troubled lives but all problems now solved, a family will spend one happy christmas together but just as it seems to come true they all die by poisoning 🙂 That is a movie I would like to see 🙂






The sun was shining when I was on my way home after work today. I needed more fire logs and I had to get Orvar’s and Hector’s medicine and also Nova’s medicine for her ear (we are trying cortisone now to make the swelling in her ear go down). I also needed to renew my lottery tickets and to buy some food. Too bad that the notice that I had a package at the post office at Gudhem have been laying at the post office for more than five days didn’t arrive yesterday because then I could have fetched it too today. 




and then the rain started to fall.

and then the rain started to fall.


So I drove to Falköping since that would go most fast. As soon as I stepped out of the car in Falköping the smell of chinese food hit me in the face 🙂 Too bad it would take too long to get all things since I had to go to several places otherwise I would have brought some with me home. But I need to do some shopping next week anyway so perhaps I’ll buy some then. The sun started to hide behind clouds when I came home and the snow, hail and rain started falling when we were on our way home during the walk. I didn’t mind especially much as long as we were walking in the forest but the winds got strong as soon as we stepped out by the fields and that wasn’t nice at all 🙂


The sky became darker and darker and it happened fast too.

The sky became darker and darker and it happened fast too.




I finally found the yule spruce I’ve been looking for all autumn, we call it Room Spruce but it is actually called Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla). I had one when I had my garden center that was around  2 meters high (6,6 foot). I brought it home when I closed the place but it didn’t like to move from a green house to a cottage with much drier air. I’m hoping this small one will make it much better and naturally I forgot to take a photo of it today but I’ll do it until tomorrow.



and it just got worse

and it just got worse

and worse.

and worse.


It is time to give all the animals their food and after that it’s my turn. I hope there’s something good on tv otherwise it will be an early evening for me.

Have a great day!